Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tuesday, August 4th - Spicy Fish Cake, Zuccini Dengjang Guk and Banchan

This is a very typical home meal in a Korean household. The little dishes are 'banchan' or like the whiteys say, side dishes. But really they're not and that isn't accurate at all. You have rice. That's defacto. You eat your rice, which was very valuable and rare with all the other pickles and vegetables mom makes with your valuable rice. On the top left above the soup is the fish cake. It comes in sheets and is cut up. You eat it in many ways but our favourite is stir fried with fresh green chilis and chili paste. Mom's homemade Dengjang Guk is the soup to your left. It's Korean fermented soybean soup, aka miso. Dengjang is soybean paste and guk is soup. Unlike it's weak watery Japanese counterpart, it is spicier and always comes with a veg, potatoes and cabbage, zuccini, spinach, mushrooms. ... all sorts of combos.

The chilis, freshly grown in the backyard are dipped in homemade Gochujang. There is also a fresh Kimchi made from shredded Daikon radish in the photos. Not in the photo is mom's home grown Sanchisang, lettuce. You place some chili paste, Gochujang on a few leaves and a spoon of rice and eat it like a small wrap. YUM

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