Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sunday, August 2nd - Mom's Seafood Sweet & Spicy Bibim Buckwheat Nengmyun

Mom's Seafood Sweet & Spicy Bibim Buckwheat Nengmyun. To your untrained eye, it might seem like typical Korean fare. It's not. As my mom would normally say, it's her creation.

Sweet and Spicy sauce is when you cut you're normal Korean chili paste, Kochujang with sugar and rice wine vinegar and sesame seeds&oil. It gets the consistency of ketchup rather than tomato paste. 'Neng' means cold and 'Myun' is noodle. Bibim is a mixture of a variety of ingredients or banchan. My mom used, big shrimp, squid, cucumber, homegrown lettuce, julienned radish and red onion. Amazing!

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