Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday, September 27th - Miso Glazed Salmon

Back from Kayak camping and D bought a whole salmon on sale at TnT, 3.99/lb. Really the best place for fresh seafood in town. Let's hope that Loblaws doesn't mess it up. I'm worried it'll be a very mother-ship type of acquisition like the borg. They will be assimilated. I read a few recipes and I adapted this one. I saw one from Bobby Flay that, tho it seemed simple had a shocking amount of soy. Blech.

Miso Glaze Salmon

1/2 c Miso paste
1T low sodium soy
1T honey/brown sugar
1/4c soju (Korean rice whisky/wine)
1/4T ground ginger
1-2T sesame oil
1 scallion

(I chopped half a habenero but didn't put it in the glaze cuz D can't handle the heat and get's a bit fussed when I throw stuff like that in.)

D is scalling and filleting the fish right now. We don't have a BBQ due to construction on the balcony so this will be under the grill. Baste your filets with the paste and place under the broiler for 10-12 minutes. If you like, you can baste well ahead. We won't have time. It's getting sorta late.

We also have some green beans that have been sitting in the fridge and getting old for a week. It's been bugging the excrement out of me. I hate to waste food. So half the bag has gone off. We'll flash boil the ones that survived.

Back later!

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