Thursday, July 09, 2009

Wednesday, July 8th - Leftover Curry on Ultimate Frisbee Night

I spent the entire day working in the centre of a construction hurricane. I could have worked downtown but I stayed home because after discovering holes in our walls from the exterior improvement work, I was a bit worried about leaving the nest unprotected. Just when it seemed that the work was quieting down, it ramped up! It was so loud I had to take calls in a closet. I wore ear plugs for most of the day with the phone on vibration.

As well, it rained all day. Today is obviously ultimate frisbee day and I was in no mood to play so the weather wasn't helping. The crew also messed an electrical circuit over the weekend, there is a socket missing from our back wall. So the fire alarm went off three times and we were woken with a start each time. Very upsetting.

It was a tough call for lunch since I'm trying to reduce my caloric intake at the moment. I didn't watch myself at all over the weekend in the Okanagan but I already knew that I was carrying an extra 4 lbs over my target weight and 6 lbs over where I feel comfortable. It all happened over the last few weeks only. Stress I guess. I'm usually quite happy either way so long as certain things fit okay. A pair of my trousers were a bit snug which prompted me to weigh myself last week :-(. So I've been eating only 1.5 packages of oatmeal for lunch and cutting out snacks. I don't cut out wine because that's madness. As well, I actually think that wine has increased my metabolism over the last two years that I've been seeing D and drinking red wine regularly. I also found an obscure medical paper on the topic. I don't want that to encourage you to start doing this. Not at all. I only sought the information out because I wanted to understand why I lost 10 lbs AFTER starting to drink wine nightly. But as it looked as if it were clearing, I ate a full lunch. Ultimate is basically running on a field roughly the size of an indoor soccer field for 2 1 hour games. Very high cardio as well as the subbing off is cardio training with the fluctuating effort. Really good for fat burn! I need to load up on game day or I feel weak.

When I got home, D had already put my leftover Prawn Balti Curry I made last night in the microwave for me. He was rather blue about all the work in the house but he was still sweet enough to think of me and put my food in the microwave for my approximate 9h30 home time. He BBQ'd. He does that when I have a game because he gets to eat meat on his own :-D.

He had a Carmen Reserve Syrah. Very dry, a tad acidic for me but nice with my tomato based curry. Yay polyphenols!

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