Friday, July 10, 2009

Thursday, July 9th - Ebisu Sushi non weekend deal!

I had a sushi craving and we keep meaning to hit Ebi Su on a Su-Th night because they have great specials off weekend. You can get 2 Maki Rolls for 6.50 where they're normally 5-6$ each. As well, nigiri is almost 40% off. D prefers Nigiri. I prefer decent Maki. Maki are the rolls that are the iconic sushi where there is a sheet of nori (kim/seaweed) rolled around or inside a sausage shaped roll of rice with fillings and cut into slices. Nigiri are pieces of fish, egg or tofu draped over an egg shaped piece of rice. After much consultation, over a large bottle of Asahi beer, we decided to opt to combine some of the roll specials with the Table d'hote. I've ordered it in the past and it is an amazing deal and VERY TASTY. I don't care for Teriyaki at all and so I'm glad that this one has a sushi combo as an option for the main.
So we ordered a Dynamite Roll (Tempura Shrimp, 'crab' and avocado) and Chopped Scallop (Scallop, Japanese mayonnaise, and Tobiko (pickled turnip)), 5 tuna nigiri and the Table D'hote.

The Table D'Hote selections were: Tuna Taco's, Sashimi Salad with spicy dressing, Clam Miso, Mango Paradise sushi combo (half a Mango Paradise Roll w nigiri (Eel, Salmon, Tuna, Ebi)) and some Green Tea ice cream to finish.
Hands down the whole of the Table D'hote is a deal and all very high quality and tasty. The Miso comes with a few nice plump manila clams, piping hot. The Tacos are deep fried wonton wrappers shaped into tiny tacos filled with greens, large piece of spicy tuna sashimi, topped with mayo and roe. They are VERY nice and on their own cost 8$ as a starter and you receive a full sized portion in the menu. The Sashimi Salad is the star of this menu. It is mixed greens topped with pea sprouts some seaweed and at least 8 large pieces of sashimi. You get the choice of creamy (mayo dressing) or spicy (korean-esque pepper sauce). It is again a full portion and not the reduced sizes you often see in a prix fixe. The rolls are lovely. D wasn't jazzed about the Mango paradise but I don't particularly know why. It's awesome. And the Nigiri are full sized and very fresh.

I qualify that the nigiri is full sized because the nigiri we ordered separately on the special menu seemed slightly smaller as did the Dynamite roll. I wasn't sure until we got the nigiri that came with the main menu and you could see that they were slightly smaller. The Scallop roll was VERY good. I normally HATE scallop rolls because I find them too 'fishy' or actually just fishy because I don't find good fresh sushi fishy at all. But with the extra mayo that comes on this roll, it's very rich and enjoyable. The Dynamite roll was just okay. Rather short. Often when you order a Dynamite roll it is the length of two tempura shrimp and sliced into the resulting 6 pieces but this one was the length of 1 tempura shrimp and so the slices were quite 'thin'. The brand name beer is slightly pricey.

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