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The One that Got Away - Great Chippie in Bloor West

The One that Got Away - Bloor West - Trout and Chips
I consider myself a self anointed Fish and Chip aficionado.  I've had some of the best and worst fish and chips all over the UK whilst living there and all long the pescatarian West Coast of North America and Maritime East Coast.  Chippies as they're called in England, are an institution and a basic staple.  Hence the saying 'cheap as chips'.  Having moved to Toronto from Vancouver, I've been rather disappointed in the fish and chips here that carry 'good reviews'.  Either the batter is a soggy let down, the fish is a mealy, frozen disaster or the chips are a blackened dog's breakfast.  I've come to accept that East Coast Canada i.e. Toronto and Montreal like their fries dark, fine.  But that doesn't mean they need to be burnt, tough or cold.  I'm talking to you Off the Hook.

We've lived in Bloor West for a couple of years now.  I've bemoaned the lack of places to eat but it's slowly evolving and we don't feel the need to go downtown or to Roncey all the time.  The One that Got Away opened last year and I've not found the time to go between finishing up work for MatLeave and well, being pregnant.  Finally, strolling around with the family today we stopped in since hubbo has told me I've been saying I would for nearly 6 months.  Plus we had both kids with us and lil T will eat his Chips without complaint.  I packed a lunch just in case.  It wasn't needed.

I'll cut to the chase now.  The food was great!  Admittedly it was on the pricey side and not your weekly Chippies because of that.  I'd say, they are probably a mere buck or two away from being a weekly staple.  Two, yeah, given the neighbourhood.  Course, they could be priming themselves for the condos opening up soon and don't want to be seen to be gouging later, who knows. But for the folks Bloor West, deffo 2 bucks too pricey for it to be a regulars' spot.

The One that Got Away - Bloor West - Kids Cod and Chips plate
I got the Trout and Chips, D got the Cod and Chips with Slaw (which cost extra??) and lil T got the kid's sized Cod and Chips.  The portions were all generous.  I'd say the kids sized was an exceptional value.  If I could, I'd order that as a lunch for myself.  I wonder if I can.  The fries were on the dark side but very fresh and fried to order.  The batter was light and crisp and well seasoned.  The fish was flakey and well cooked.  The Trout was a treat.  I used to love the Salmon and Chips out west and of course the farmed stuff out here doesn't cut it for me.   Lil T ate almost all his Fish uncontested and wanted to eat more fries but he was busting.  The kids plate comes with a little salad of Tomatoes and Cukes which he liked.  The Tartar sauce was very tasty and I took it with us with the leftovers.  The Slaw was light and tasty but it was a small portion.

The One that Got Away - Bloor West - Cod and Chips
We sat at the bar in the window to watch the foot traffic.  It is a small restaurant but the footprint of most of the restaurants in Toronto are not large BUT and this was a huge bonus for me, the bathrooms were at ground level and IMMACULATE.   It only has 5 tables of two and bar level seating around the perimeter.  I can only assume they want more takeout traffic.  Which definitely calls out their pricing.  They really need to do cones then because fries and fish will sog out in the boxes they have.  I'd have loved to see Mushy Peas on the menu and see the Coleslaw included.

I  will go back. I must go on Wednesday for the Lobster Wednesday and likely a monthly Fish fix.

Price: $$$$ (for a chippie)
Staff: Very friendly and helpful
Ambience: somewhere between pub and fast foodish. Nautical theme.
Kid friendly: Yes.  No step up at door for stroller, no double door, toilet at ground level, casual crowd and staff.

The One that Got Away
2392 Bloor St W 
Toronto, ON 
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