Tuesday, June 11, 2013

the Slice to Beat - North of Brooklyn

North of Brooklyn pizzeria - Sign
I have been complaining for some time that there is a short of good pizza.  Notice the lack of qualification on location?  I meant Vancouver then Toronto.  Toronto has so far proven far more promising than Vancouver did.  7 years and not one good pizza.  Lots of cheese, lots of doughy crust but no good za.  I heard there was an authentic Napoli style pizza place that opened up in Gastown just as we moved, perfect.

Toronto has some good pizza.  The best before today was Librettos.  The crust was a bit charred in a couple of places but that aside, it was amazing.  What does that mean?

1. Thin crust not bready
2. Not soggy... i.e centre is basically a pasta noodle.
3. Fresh sauce
4. Fresh toppings
5. Nice bubbly, airy, crispy edge crust that you actually want to eat.

Not hard right?  Every slice place in New York can do it.  mmmmm so for the last couple of months I've been answering the ever frequent question 'where do you want to eat?' somewhere with GOOD pizza or NY style pizza...(that or Thai to be frank)

So after alot of Thai food, my cousins excitedly let me know over dinner at Bent, you have to try this pizza joint I found on Palmerston.  North of Brooklyn.

Coincidentally, we were in the area the NEXT day house hunting.  After the 200th disappointing view of a overpriced shoebox, I suggested we hop over a few blocks for za!!!  Now the only downside of this place.  No parking.  It is a small place on the east face, north of the corner.  So no stopping either.  Typical of the Bellwoods and Little Italy place, congestion on Saturday was brutal.  I ended up having to hop in to get our pizza while D circled the block.  We ate it off our laps as we drove home and it was still awesome.

North of Brooklyn - Marguerita slice
I got D the fresh out of the oven Marguerita pizza.  I got the white, Garlic Ricotta pizza.  I hesitated at first because as much as I love white pizza they can be heavy.  Like the best white pizza in the world at Amelio's in Montreal.  Man it's impossible to finish even the small.  But I reasoned that since it was just 1 slice it would be fine.  How often do you see awesome white pizza by the slice?  I guess I didn't read the crazy simple menu well enough because to my joy, the White Pizza was heated and served with a lightly dressed pile of Arugula..mmmmm the dressing was lemony and bright.  So good.

North of Brooklyn - White slice
The slices are NY big but they are on they're pretty big.  As well, they should be because, they are on the pricey side for a slice of pizza.  4-5$.  or 22 for the whole pie.  I thought well, that's not bad but if I got two as I had thought about, that's 10 bucks for a couple slices of pizza.  Seemed steep.

Anyhoo, I will definitely be back.  There is some limited seating inside if you're lucky to get parking.  You can watch the endless pies being freshly assembled as you eat.

Food: Great options without over complicating what should be great pizza.
Ambiance: Industrial casual pizza slice joint
Staff: Efficient and helpful
Cost: $$$ for slice

North of Brooklyn
(647) 352-5700
650.5 Queen St West
(corner of Palmerston but actual on Palmerston)
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Great slice!!!

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