Monday, June 17, 2013

Onboard Cafe never looked so good - Chili's LEG TERRIBLE!- Edmonton International Aiport

Oh that's right.  I'm writing about a Chilis.  Oh that's right.  I'm writing about airport food.  Why?  Because I was so astounded that a chain restaurant, albeit in an airport could be of such low quality and quantity that it verges on exploitation.

So coming back from Edmonton a friend and I decided to eat at the Chilis in the Domestic terminal of the Edmonton International Airport.  I mean, what's a girl to do when the other option is Montana's or Quiznos.  We were taking the red-eye so eating on landing was not an option.  I didn't want to order on the airport because I find the prices and selection very constraining.  I don't need 12 hour old Veggie wraps for 10 bucks, do I?  Well, maybe I should have.

I don't know alot about Chilis except what I see on TV and those are mainly American commercials.  What does that imply? Well, rock bottom prices for mountains of fresh, sizzling food.  Or at least the commercials would lead you to believe.

I ordered the Shrimp Rice Bowl and my friend ordered a Burger with a Caesar Salad.  She did not ask how my friend wanted his burger done, which was a bit surprising in cow province.  The food came relatively fast, almost too fast.

My Rice 'bowl' came served in one of those shallow consomme bowls where if you're using a big soup spoon and it's resting on the bottom of the bowl, the lip of the spoon is actually over the surface of the soup.  There was maybe 1/2 c of instant Rice mixed with a few tablespoons of Black Beans and pre Shredded Cheese mixed with Pesto topped with half a dozen small Cajun Spiced Shrimp.  It was no where near an 'American' portion.  It was no where near a Canadian-Children's portion!!!  It did not taste fresh, not one of the individual ingredients tasted fresh.  Terrible.  I mean, they know their clients are usually 'jetting' off so they exploit that and sacrifice their Chili's brand for a quick buck.  That little pathetic service cost 15$ plus tax and tip.

My friend's Burger came Medium Well to Well Done and was dry.  It was an average burger size but his Caesar salad came in a terribly shallow Creme Brule plate dish.  It was like an amuse-bouche salad.

Our server never came by other than to take orders or bring something.  And we had to wrench ourselves around for a while to grab her attention for the bill.

I don't care how hungry you are, DO NOT EAT HERE!!! Eat a Dave's cookie across the way or wait for the plane food.   This is the biggest rip off for tiny portions of terrible food.

Food: Terrible, Overpriced, Tiny Portions, Cold
Service: Rushed, Inattentive
Family Friendly: Well, I guess if you'd like to punish your kids.

(780) 430-0606
100 Aiport Road
Leduc County, AB
LEG Airport, Domestic Terminal

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