Thursday, July 19, 2012

Eggplant (Aubergine) Heaven - Portable Vegetarian Food Finally - Falafel World

I find it very difficult as a vegetarian to find tasty portable food that doesn't need refrigeration. I'm so tired of Cheese Sandwiches, Cold Vegetable Sandwiches, Falafel Wraps, muffins or buns.. I mean there obviously options in the world but not easily accessible wherever I go.

One day out with our new amazing realtor, (I love our realtor. After so many lazy Vancouver realtors who do nothing but send me automated listings, it's wonderful to have one who hustles, works hard and listens to us!!!), she realised we'd been out since the morning and we needed lunch. In my mind, I was sighing. I really hate, hate eating something I don't want to eat. It's why I have to read menus before we go out for dinner because I will walk out. It saves D alot of aggravation. So here we were, hungry and on the road. She raved about her local Falafel place. Sigh, I used to love Falafel and still like it but don't like bad Falafel. Plus, I wasn't in the mood. She remembered I mentioned very briefly while talking about something else, that I was a vegetarian (see, listens) and told me they have a great Eggplant Sandwich. Excuse me? Eggplant? *insert appropriate over used Jerry McGuire quote here*. I love love love Eggplant. What is better than Nicely roasted Eggplant in a sandwich? Well, lots of Yummo roasted Eggplant in a sandwich. I'll admit it is a touch oily but the Eggplant is so well cooked and nutty, it is a welcome treat. Heaped with Tabbouleh and Hummous, I always pass on filler lettuce, it was an amazing, satisfying Vegetarian lunch on the go.

D had the Chicken Shwarma which he said was also very Yummo. We got one for our realtor and were ready to hit the road for the rest of the day. The one tip I would give you is to not get it 'Spicy' unless you are eating in or taking home. You know I love spicy but they use chili oil and not chili sauce so it drips and was quite messy. Luckily we grabbed lots of napkins and our realtor had a box of tissues in her car.

We have been back a few times together and I have gone back several times for lunch when I work from home. I discovered my new favourite menu item that is not on the menu. I was behind a cop in line once and he ordered the 'Jenina' sandwich. I watched with intrigue as she spread hummous, heaped in Eggplant, topped it with Lentils and Fried Onions.....oh yeah, that's for me! I have had the Jenina a few times now and put my own chili sauce on at home. I alternate with the all Eggplant when I need my Aubergine fix.

Oh did I forget the best part? Sandwiches are $5 even just the sandwich. Well, in the summer of 2012, it was. We've eaten in with Lil T while grocery shopping. They have high chairs and booster seats. It is tight for strollers but no one minds. The loo is in the basement which always creeps me out but we don't stay long enough to use it. I go regularly and have seen them make the Falafel to order using a traditional scooper (looked like a copper ice cream cone). No pre-made balls you throw in the fryer. I recommend this family joint that knows my realtor by name because she's in there so often, over others along Bloor West.

Ambiance: aged diner
Service: welcoming and friendly
Cost: $
Baby friendly: yes for attitude but no for toilets

Falafel World 
Bloor West Village
2396 Bloor St W
Toronto, ON M6S1P5
(416) 769-9336
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