Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Coffee Tree Roastery - Inconsistent and Pricey

D needs his coffee.  It's not a morning shot for him, it's a ritual.  We have a coffee machine that occupies a good portion of our kitchen counter.  It took me weeks to figure it out.  He's moved it all over the world with him.  So when we moved in to our new place and we were stocking up on our pantry items, and I suggested grocery store beans, he looked at me like I had suggested he go Vegetarian.

Good coffee beans needn't be expensive.  Don't assume that the high price tag is any indication.  On average, some of the best coffee beans we've bought cost around 14-15$/lb.  So it was a bit surprising that this little place on Bloor West would average 18-20 / lb for their standards and more for their specialty beans!  We've tried two types so far, their Espresso Beans and a Costa Rican drip Bean.  The Espresso Beans were VERY bitter and a tad burnt.  The Costa Rican has been pretty good for drip but at 20$/lb, too expensive for my goto drip.

A customer side note, for a place where the beans are so chaching, it was very annoying to have creditcards requiring a minimum 20$ purchase and a debit minimum  of 5$.  Come one.  I'd sooner go to Starbucks, yeah I said it.  D on a mission to get me off the supermarket stuff when he's out of town went in and bought it on his debit since I walked out on principle :D cost of doing business as far as I'm concerned!

Service: aloof and annoying to be told I could go down the block to an ATM if I didn't want to use my debit.
Ambiance: cozy coffee shop
Cost: $$$$

Coffee Tree Roastery 
Bloor West Village
2412 Bloor St W
Toronto, ON
(416) 767-1077
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