Saturday, November 12, 2011

Jack's Fishspot - Seattle - Blandest Fish on the Wet Coast

World's most fabulous is not the adjective I would use for Jack's Bland Fishspot.
We decided to pop down to Seattle for a few days to break up the baby monotony and visit some friends.  There are a few things we do without fail in Seattle, provided it isn't raining, and Pike's Place is one of them.  We go often enough that we aren't 'those' tourists who are taking pictures of the Romanescu and Artichokes in the vegetable stalls and not buying anything.  We go for the great fresh food and baked goods.  That's what we thought anyway when I suggested Jack's Fishspot for lunch.  I love the idea of a diner like fish diner attached to a Fish Monger.  Wonderful!  Too bad the guys don't do the fish justice.

We ordered the Regular Fish and Chips and a couple of Fish Taco's.  First thing to note was that did not do a traditional Beer Batter or Batter at all for that matter.  They did a Breadcrumb coating.  I find that a bit of a cheat/lazy/safe cop-out.  They don't want to risk having a bad batter or making the batter so they go for the 'fool-proof' crispy coating.  Now, you might expect that at Long John Silver's but not at at Fish Monger's fish joint.  To add insult to injury, they over cooked it.  The crumb was far too dark and tasted a tad burnt, which is all we tasted.  It was BLAND BLAND BLAND.  There wasn't a microscopic speck of seasoning anywhere on that plate, not even on the fries.  As well, when they tell you 3 pieces, you think, score! but alas, no, they are the size of chicken nuggets.  Boo!  Why? Because they don't have enough fish??

Then there were the Fish Taco's.  Again, covered in the over cooked Breadcrumb coating and equally BLAND and TASTELESS.  The Tortillas were tasteless, the Salsa was tasteless, the Fish was tasteless. It was layers upon layers of BLANDNESS.  Just awful.
Found a hair in my BLAND fish and chips - Jacks Fishspot
Did you think I was done?  Nope.  So at first, I was also quite excited about the fries which were skin-on, fresh cut and fried to order.  Apart from the lack of Salt, THERE WAS THE HAIR!  There was a wavy red hair on top of my fries.  I saw it as I splashed some Tobasco onto my fish.  Much like the hair of the dude with the crazy, unnetted hair behind the till!!!!  So I pointed it out to the dude cooking and he apologized and offered to make an entirely new plate.  Well, I thought that was very nice except when he came to our table with lightning speed with what I AM SURE was our original plate with the hair extracted.  The Fries where not piping hot as they were (because he just stalled for a few minutes instead of making new ones) and the Fish that I had already splashed with Tobasco were still there.  BOOOOOOOO!!!!!  Served along side this very disappointing lunch? was pre-made, store bought, packaged Tartar sauce.  Shameful.

Layers of BLANDNESS Fish Tacos #Jacksfishspot
Please do yourself a favour and give this place a miss if you find yourself needing a nosh.  Head a few doors down and get a nice bowl of Chowder instead at the Deli near the Seattle's Best Coffee shop or a nice Peroshky near the original Starbucks...

Jack's Fish Spot
(206) 467-0514

1514 Pike Place
Seattle, WA 98101

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