Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Byways Café - Bountiful Brekkie in Portland

Byways Cafe Portland
We visited Portland this summer to test the road with the new baby and to visit all the Yummo places we'd seen on FoodTv. One thing we hadn't anticipated was how spread out Portland is. We came down by train and didnt rent a car. We assumed we could get around on the extensive and FREE public transit system. Alas, some of the places on our list, like a famouse biscuit place and BBQ joint were well away from downtown. Thankfully, the Byways Café was right downtown and close enough to roll out of bed for breakfast.

They're well known for their scratch made food and generous portions. D and I like to call it 'American sized' portions because you will not find a plate of housemade Biscuits and Sausage Gravy as bountiful as theirs north of the Peace Arch.

Keeping the baby travel in consideration, it should be noted that accessibility into the Café and inside is not the greatest. We thought about sitting outside but it was too chilly and the view too industrial. Plus we would have missed out on their famous retro decor! It is packed to the rafters with vintage toys and memorabilia. It isn't very big so if you could wait. It is very tricky to manoeuver a stroller in, that's for sure.

Byways Cafe Portland Plate Wall
I ordered. The Blue Corn Pancakes that I has seen on TV but they'd sold out. I'm always surprised when a place runs out of their star dish early in service. Boo. So I ordered their Amaretto French Toast with Maple Pecan Butter made with Brioche!! D ordered their famous Biscuits and Gravy.

Byways Cafe Portland - Amaretto Brioche French Toast
Lil T decided to wake up, just as we were served, asking for his breakfast so D had to cut up my food for me. I had to eat my scrumptious French Toast while balancing T on my lap and wearing my 'hooter hider' cape. Normal day now. The Brioche was wonderful and nicely soaked. The Toast was nice and crispy on the outside and just creamy in the centre. The Maple Butter was crazy good. And even though I tried, D had wrestle my fork from me, I could not finish it. The portion was very generous. They offered to wrap it up but we were on foot as tourists and had more eating to do, sowe declined.

Byways Cafe Portland - Biscuits and Gravy
D's Biscuits and Gravy was something else. I'd only seen such plates in movies and TV. It was a heaping mound. Then on the side of that they give you two Eggs your way! The Biscuits were flavourful and flaky. D thought the Sausage was tasty as well but he just about got through half his plate. I tried to stab some Biscuit to help but he wrestled my fork away again. Food was great though. Service was friendly and didn't get mad at us for not finishing. :-P

We were going to change T before we left but it was a tiny little facility in the back. Don't get me wrong. I give a wide berth of understanding here. We have changed T in some tight places but there was no way. We changed him quickly on a park bench up the block. Poor Lil T, it was still quite chilly.

Service: welcoming and friendly
Cost: $$
Ambience: diner/grandmas 60s living room
Baby friendly: not so much

Byways Cafe
(503) 221-0011
Pearl District
1212 NW Glisan St
Portland, OR 97209
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for a diner

Ask D, that's a high rating for me.  The way I see it, you have to leave room for the rare 7s :-D


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Jen at The Three Little Piglets said...

My husband would LOVE that big plate of biscuits and gravy!