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Tuesday, February 1st - Lunch in SOMA - 'Wichcraft - *Yawn*

Vegetarian Avocado and Goat Cheese Sandwich at Wichcraft
 (Jumping back to SFO catch up on my postings)

I am not a big sandwich person when eating out.  D is.  He loves a good sandwich for lunch.  I always think, if I had spent a few minutes in the morning, I could have made myself a sandwich, probably with more cheese, at home for about a 10th of the cost at a cafe.  D thinks it's worth the extra few minutes of sleep not to think about it.  Plus, we don't own a Panini press, which I would love to have actually but he doesn't like unitaskers.  We don't even own a rice cooker if you can believe it!  Me?!  No rice cooker!?  Well, I did manage to slip in a microwave cooker from my London days but I'm pretty sure, if I were to go away for more than a week, it would disappear.

Anyhoo, we were walking around in SOMA after seeing the Wine exhibit in at the MOMA when I hit my wall of walking/need for food.  We happened to be near Macy's at that point and I really hadn't the energy to think of an alternative and I know D and my sister O like Wichcraft.  D tried to get me excited about it by telling me it's owned by Thomas C from Top Chef.  I told him that as I have never seen him cook, but once on the show, his culinary prowess or his sandwich skills were not selling points. 

First thing I noticed on the menu (as I normally do) is that the Combo for Soup and Sandwich is actually not a deal.  So don't order it.  The half Sandwich and bowl of Soup is a better deal for the restaurant.  I'm the Rain-man of dubious combo deals.  Trust me. 

I settled on what sounded like a hearty Vegetarian option of  Avocado, Pesto and Goat Cheese on Multigrain bread.  Appearance wise, it was disappoint on arrival.  It well and truly looked like a sandwich I could have made at home.  It was very tastey and a great combination between the greens, Avo and the soft/sharpness of the Cheese.  That said, it had no real oomph or sparkle.  The bread was so plain and boring.  It definitely looked better on paper.  Nice enough but I won't return.  I did appreciate the free bag of Tim's extra thick chips they throw in because I ordered a Tea. 

D ordered a pressed Pork and Provolone Sandwich.  It was a tad dry and skimpy on the meat.   Usually, when the sandwiches are this, well, run of the mill, it's because it's not the main star.  But ... well, it's in the name, so would have liked a bit more of something.... filling, interesting breads, lush ingredients or sides.  If you go to their website, they show you this luscious and decadent sandwich which is nothing like the ones we had.

I can see it as the yuppie lunch crowd joint.  Yeah. Bright two storey windows. White everything. Lots of seating.  Though, I'd probably have to admit falling into that demographic but it isn't my lunch scene. 

Cost: $$-$$$ (for a sandwich)
Ambiance: Light and airy
Service: Friendly counter service

(866) 942-4272
868 Mission St
San Francisco, CA 94103
'Wichcraft on Urbanspoon

I would have given it a 3.  D's a 'nicer marker'. :^P


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