Friday, February 10, 2012

Memphis Blues (Commercial) - Sooooo Meaty!

Memphis Blues Pulled Pork and Sausage Double Meat Sandwich
We like to buy our groceries on Commercial when we have the time and a big shop to do.  The prices are significantly better than Granville Island and more diverse.  That said, the quality (like on Granville Island) can be spotty.  Alot of the shops buy what I believe are 'seconds' from the supermarkets.  Some, I suspect, get 'fourths'.  Those are the ones to avoid like Triple A.  Blech.  But we tend to eat our veg right away and we know which shops get the better end of the range like Stanley's and  Santa Barbara.  We were picking up a few things at Santa Barbara when D noticed a sign for a Double Meat Special on the sandwich board of the Memphis Blues next door.

After sidestepping the drool on the sidewalk, D lured me in with promises of their fries which are yum.  Memphis Blues is an institution here in Vancouver.  When I first moved here, I met some new friends playing Ultimate Frisbee and they were obsessed with the place.  I had originally thought it was a guy thing.  Not so.  I even had to attend a work BBQ catered by Memphis Blues.  Alas, I only partook of the awesome Slaw, Fries and Cornbread.  There isn't much to the restaurant.  It looks like a cottage town shack.  The tables are wooden picnic tables and the sauces and brown paper towels are on all the tables already.  You serve yourself your beverage and the people are friendly.  I guess it's easy to be when everyone is happy to be there.

There isn't much more to the sandwich than the title would suggest.  It was a heaping portion of their famous, moist (as attested to by D, not I) Pulled Pork and joined by a large Smoked Sausage.  D thoroughly enjoyed it and after posting photos to my family, my sister O and dad wanted to hop on a plane.  Actually, I believe we were there on a Monday.  Monday is there all you can eat Rib day.  I asked D if it were worth it because it seemed like an awesome deal  to me but I don't partake.  D reckoned that it worked out to about a full back so not  really.  He happily had his double meat instead.

Memphis Blues Fries
The fries are fresh though a tad salty. 

Cost: $
Ambiance: Roadside shack
Baby friendly: didn't change T but area is tight for a stroller but easy for baby to hang out.

Memphis Blues Barbeque House (Commercial)
(604) 215-2599
1342 Commercial Dr
Vancouver, BC V5L
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