Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturnday, October 8th - Wholewheat Oatmeal Everything Muffin

Wholewheat Oatmeal Everything Muffin

It's taken 6 months but I think I have managed to find a way to bake with a baby.  I pre mix the night before.  I don't combine the full batter because I don't like to activate the leavening too early but I assemble all the ingredients on the counter and mix the dries in a bowl and leave it covered.  It was particularly important to do this ahead because well, lil T's room is underneath the kitchen. 
Wholewheat Oatmeal Everything Muffin
1 c Wholewheat Flour
1 c Wheat Bran
1 c Rolled Oats, not quick Oats, milled fine
1 t Baking Powder
1 t Baking Soda
1 t Salt

1 ripe Banana
1 c Milk
1 t Vanilla Extract
1-2 T Vegetable Oil
1/2 c packed Brown Sugar
2 Eggs

1/2 c each of Pecans, Dark Chocolate Chips, Macadamia Nuts, and dried Cranberries

So if you are starting the evening before to save time and minimise early morning noise then mill the Oats when baby is awake but perhaps in another room.  Lil T does not like the sound of the coffee grinder, blender or Baby Bullet.  In a mini food processor or your baby bullet with the flat milling blade on, grind your Oats until a floury consistency. 

In a large bowl, whisk together all the dries.  Cover and set aside until the next morning. 

In the morning. Preheat the oven to 400F. In a large 1 l mixing cup, mash the Banana with the Milk.  Add the rest of the Wet Ingredients (including sugar) but not the 'Everything' goodies.  You should have ~2c of Wet. 

Add to the Dry ingredients but do not over mix.  Gently fold by swooping around the bottom of the bowl and folding over to the middle of the top while turning the bowl.  Mix only just to combine.  Then fold in the add the 'Everything' goodies with only a handful of turns.  If you over mix, your Muffins will be tough and chewy. 

Spoon into lightly greased muffin tins.  Top with Pecan half (optional). Will make 12 medium muffins.  Place the filled muffin tin in the middle.  Close the door and reduce to 375F.  Bake for 25-30 minutes.  Check doness with a toothpick or skewer.  These were VERY FLUFFY and not dense like alot of 'healthier' muffins, even my own when I entirely eliminate most of the fat and eggs. 


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