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Monday, May 30th - Miura Waffle Milk Bar - Accidental Addiction

Miura's Milk and Waffle Bar
D stumbled upon Miura's by accident whilst I was staying at St. Paul's a few months back.  He would come visit me and our lil dude everyday during his lunch.  Miura's was on his path from work.  We'd actually passed by that block numerous times and not noticed it, probably, because neither of us work in the area and so would not have seen it open.  As you may have read around March, we were exploring the near West End for food options as we were chained to the area for several weeks, so D was intruiged by the Miura's concept. 

Miura's Milk and Waffle Bar - Smokin Hot Waffle Irons on the go!
Funny thing is you wouldn't know what it is just by walking by.  The sign has a little sort of Hello Kitty feel and reads only Waffle and Milk Bar.  If I had seen that, and I think I may have, I would have assumed sweets.  Well, if not for the sandwich board sign on the sidewalk out front, D wouldn't have stoppped.  Miura's has taken the concept of Chicken and Waffles to another level.  They've brought it up to date and added a fusion flare that is very Vancouver.  These airy, crispy, made to order Waffles are the casing to a number of savoury Sandwiches!
Miura's Milk and Waffle Bar - Wasabi Salmon Sandwich
Some of the sandwiches, like my Wasabi Salmon, have the protein cooked right into the waffle.  Then the Waffle is used as bread for the rest of the filling of crisp Romain and a light creamy dressing.  And D's is more of a traditional Hoisin Sandwich, which is a Pork Sausage with Bahn Mi top accompaniments like Radish and Carrots.  D loves this sandwich and has had it a few times now and tries to go by on Wednesdays when it's the special of the day.  He would recommend though that you eat it on site, well all of them, because the waffles don't travel well. 

Miura's Milk and Waffle Bar - Hoisin Pork Sausage Sandwich
O, my sister was visiting this time and we knew she'd love it too, particularly the Korean fusion element.  She ordered the Bulgogi one.  The meat tasted right, and the filling items of Kimchee and Sauce we yummo!  Though, admittedly, it doesn't make a pretty picture :^P

Miura's Milk and Waffle Bar - Bulgogi Kimchee Sandwich
My Wasabi Salmon had a nice kick.  I felt it could have had a touch more Salmon versus the Romaine but I still enjoyed it and would have it again.  I can definitely see how D has become addicted to them and agree that the light crispy waffles should be eaten immediately rather than take away.

Cost: $$
Service: Prompt and friendly
Ambiance: Coffee shop

Miura Waffle Milk Bar
829 Davie Street
Vancouver, BC V6Z
(604) 687-2909
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