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Saturday, April 30th - BBQ Whole Herb Stuffed Wild Sockeye Salmon with Orange Butter

The folks are in town from the East coast so it was a perfect time to break out our last Whole Wild Sockeye from the freezer from last year's run.  I do hope this year's run is as generous as last.  We had bought half a dozen and froze most of them.  We've done this before with a herb butter but the Orange butter this time was awesome.  It's always impressive to serve a whole fish and my parents were well taken aback.  We served it with some BBQ Potatoes and Asparagus.  MMMMM

BBQ Whole Herb Stuffed Wild Sockeye Salmon with Orange Butter

Whole BBQ Herb Stuffed Salmon with Orange Butter

1 large (4-5lbs) Salmon, cleaned
2 Lemons, washed and sliced
1 c Fresh Basil (about half a bunch)
1/2 c or 2 fluffy sprigs of Fresh Dill, whole
1/4 c Fresh Chives, whole 
4-5 sprigs of fresh Thyme (optional - we had it kicking around in the fridge)
Cooking Twine
1 Navel Orange, zested + 2 T juiced
1/2 c Butter, room temperature

In a bowl, mix the slightly softened butter thoroughly with a rubber spatula as you would fold cake batter but perhaps with a bit more gusto as it will be stiffer of course.  Incorporate the Zest of the Orange and the Juice.  Set aside

Cut a few slits down the sides, on both sides of the outside of the Salmon. Stuff a slices of Lemon and Basil in each of the slits with the handle of a butter knife or other dull wide implement.

Whole Herb Stuffed Wild Sockeye Salmon with Orange Butter
Place all the other herbs and remaing Lemon inside of the fish and head. Smear the entire fish with the Herbed Butter. Reserve 1/3 of the Butter for serving. Tie the Salmon closed at four points along the length like you are wrapping a butcher's package. You MUST use cooking twine.  Do not use regular twine or certainly not synthetic!!!! I suggested to D that we buy one of those Grill Baskets in the shape of a fish that hold a whole fish together and allow for easy flipping. He would not hear of it. I am going to buy it anyway. We always make a mess on the flip which costs me crispy BBQ Salmon Skin.  I'm not ashamed to pick it off others' plates who are silly enough to leave it behind. :^D

Carefully place the fish on the grill and grill for 10 to 15 minutes. Do not touch it or move it slightly as tempted as you may be. It will tear the skin if you do. It will be easier to move once it has cooked. Use a large wide Fish spatula or two spatulas to turn the Salmon. Turn over for 15 minutes more. Ours was still quite ruby in the middle but that is the way we like it. You may want to go the full 15 and 15. We also checked with a thermometer before pulling it off. 130F can be acceptable if you are confident in the source. 135-140 is normal by most fish monger standards. Over 150 you are getting close to catfood.

Serve with grilled Veggies and the remaining Orange Butter on the table.


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Cozinhando com Amigos said...

Hi, friend! Nice recipe. Here, in bRazil we like so much fish, so this dish is fantastic. I'll taste it nextly!
Visit my blos, too. I'm sure you like it!
Now, I'm a follower your blog.

Liz That Skinny Chick Can Bake said...

Oh, what fabulous flavors for your salmon. It looks absolutely wonderful...and the orange butter is the perfect complement! YUM!