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Sunday, January 30th - Dahlia's Lounge - Belltown/Downtown - Seattle - KILLER Brunch!!

Dalia's Lounge fresh Mini Donuts
We came to Seattle for the weekend to see the Barber of Seville at the Seattle Opera.  We go in Vancouver too but sometimes there is a better line up in Seattle.  The sound is definitely better there.  It wasn't the best laid plans adjacent to San Fran but it sort of worked out in the end what with the flights from Seattle to SFO being MUCH cheaper than from Vancouver.

D has been set on trying these donuts that he saw on 'the Best Thing I Ever Ate' on TV.  It was Giada speaking about a Tom Douglas restaurant and D was convinced it was Etta's but they aren't served there so I reckoned it had to be one of the other three with girl's names.  Lola's, Dahlia's Bakery and Dahlia's Lounge all had them.  But I liked the menu better at Dahlia's Lounge than Lola's (too much meat at Lola's) and the Bakery had no seating.  I did my research on line at the hotel the night before because I get fussy with menus that I can't order off of but don't like to bother others so I plan ahead what I can manage.  We don't always remember to do that for Breakfast or Brunch when D is more likely to be tired and in need of sustenance so I planned ahead!

I thought I'd have a big breakfast and D would have the fresh donuts but it turned out he wanted us to have the donuts as dessert.  Obviously, how could I have though differently (shocked sarcasm).  As soon as we were seated, I asked if could substitute the side of bacon for the Parmesan Homefries at no extra charge.  I had warned D that if they wouldn't, I did not want to stay and I'd get an Egg Sandwhich at the adjacent Bakery instead.  I get fussier about meat biased menus on an empty stomach :^D.  They said it was cool, much to D's relief.  It was pretty cold out and he wasn't much interested in brunch hunting.

Dahlia's Lounge French Toast with Pistacio Ricotta
I had the French Toast with Cardammom Marmalade and Pistachio Ricotta with a side of Parmesan Fries.  The potatoes were fabulous.  Full baby taters, smashed as they're fried with a nice crust of Parmesan.  They did not over season due to the saltiness of the cheese which was great!!  The Ricotta was pretty melted by the time I got it but that was okay.  There was also Maple syrup so even though the Cardammom Marmalade was yummo, it seemed superflous.  I saved most of it for the donuts.  The French Toast itself was amazing.  Not too bready where the bread barely stepped at toe in the egg custard or too soggy.  Though it was well soaked with egg, it was cooked perfectly so the texture was light and crisp.  Probably the best French Toast I have had in a long time. (possibly a tie with the Elbow Room in Vancouver)

Dahlia's Lounge Eggs Benedict with Pork Loin and Scallion Hollandaise
D had the Eggs Benedict.  I asked why since Eggs 'Benny' as Vancouverites call it, are a dime a dozen in Vancouver.  D couldn't turn down the description and it's definitely a breakfast we don't make at home because of the Hollandaise.  The Eggs Benedict came with a Pork Loin with Scallion Hollandaise.  Without further prompting, D said they were the best Eggs Benedict he'd had.  The balance of the Pork, Eggs and Sauce was perfect.  The seasonining was spot on.  Worth coming back down for, I wager.

As our server came back occasionally to refill D's coffee, she asked us how we were doing with our Donut plans.  She noted our slow progress through our meals.  It's funny about brunch.  You know it doesn't sound like a lot of food.  With an empty belly, it doesn't look like a lot of food.  Then there you are with half your French Toast and a pile of Potatoes staring at you an half an hour later.  I did a good job of it.  I knew with the rest of our travel, we wouldn't be eating for several hours.  D abandoned the potatoes.  He had to parry my fork away. 

Dahlia's Lounge Mini Donut with Vanilla Marscapone Cardammon Marmalade and Cranberry Jam
We got the Donuts.  They are Fresh fried plain Dough Donuts.  They're about 2x2 inch squares.  They come served shaken  in a brown paper bag full of Sugar and Cinnamon.  They come straight from the fryer and are tossed table side.  The pour the lot on to your plate with a side of Cranberry Jam and Vanilla Marscapone.  You get six per order.  I could only have 2.  I then resorted to just having the Marscapone with my spoon.  The combination of the Marscapone and the Jam on the warm Donut was amazing.  I wouldn't have put it on my list of 'Best Fried Thing I Ever Ate' as Giada did but it was gooood. 

Cost: $$-$$$ (Breakfast/Brunch)
Ambiance: Spacious (not loud) southern restaurant, lots of wood.
Service: Friendly, helpful

Dahlia Lounge
2001 4th Ave
Seattle, WA 98121
(206) 682-4142
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Jason Phelps said...

Dahlia's was on our list for brunch when we were in Seattle in May of 2010. We didn't end up getting there for a reason I can't recall, but we did get to go to Lola for dinner. In the end we did get to experience a little Tom Douglas love and enjoyed it to be sure. The menu of just the things you guys tried here is pretty awesome! There's always next time.


Kath said...

Great review! I live in Seattle and love all of Tom's restaurants. I haven't tried the Dalia Lounge brunch yet. It looks amazing and is now on my eating out wish list.

ahnvictoria said...


Delishhh said...

Ohh i agree with you!! Love that place!