Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Sunday, October 17 - Harvest Feast - Trafalgar Bistro

We were very fortunate to be treated to dinner by some friends to celebrate our making it legit earlier this summer.  We were not at all expecting it.  We often make plans to these event dinners particularly if there is wine tasting paired with it. 

The meal started with a Fresh Tomato soup.  It was unanimously agreed that it was an odd addition to the set menu though.  It was slightly too acidic and not well rounded as compared to the rest of the meal.  The second course was a gorgeous housemade Gnocchi in a Beet puree.  The Gnocchi were little pillows, little fluffy, light as air, down pillows.  For a starter, the portion was quite considerable.  You really cannot beat, homemade or housemade gnocchi.  Store bought or deli fresh simply does not compare.
My second course was a Potato Tart.  The first thing I noted was how lovely the crust was.  V pointed out that the restaurant started off as the pastry shop, next door and expanded.  So their pastries are definitely not outsourced or an afterthought.  The potato was slightly dry and a bit heavy after the Gnocchi but I could not stop eating that crust.

My main was a Grilled King Oyster Mushroom and the carnvores' main was Venison.  Both were cooked well and well seasoned.  They are not on their regular menu so suffice it to say that the kitchen is well coordinated, thoughtful and does not have a heavy salting fingers.

It's neatly tucked away in Kits on the ridge and if not for the recommend, I'm not sure I would have come across it but I would definitely return.  I will certainly make a point of visiting their pastry shop next door.  I'm still drooling thinking about their Pate Brise on both my Potato Tart and Dessert. 

Cost: $$$-$$$$
Service: Thoughtful and efficient
Ambience: Cozy, warm

Trafalgars Bistro
2603 W 16th Ave
Vancouver, BC V6K
(604) 739-0555
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