Thursday, December 31, 2009

December 31st 2009 - Going on

So, I had a really really crappy fall 2009 at work. I was working for an incompetent version of Ned Flanders. Grrrr. That meant I had to sacrifice some fun stuff. I didn't join the fall ultimate league and the photography course I thought about taking. And of course, I had no energy or time to keep up the blog. Don't worry. I'm back. I still have my photos and I will do my level best to catch up. I would love to tell you about new restaurants in Vancouver like:

ReFuel on 4th (YUM! revamped Fuel to keep up with the bitch of the economy. What other city would see the top new chef winner have to close his restaurant. Come on folks and visitors! Let's eat out beyond Yaletown and Coal Harbour!)

Cobre Neuvo Latino in Gastown (New menu and unfortunately, they've left off the pages at the back that translated the latino menu items. Still wonderful! Jerk scallops are spicy and luscious)

We went to Terrino's in Toronto, Club Chasse de Peche in Montreal. I had a slightly burned pizza at Pi in the Mission in San Francisco and greasy Chinese in Menlo Park.

I've also tried new recipes and perfected my Ackee and Saltfish methodology with some help. I have a great new recipe for Peppercorn Shortbread and others I made by the tin full for Christmas. And bubbling away in the fridge is my lovely, pungent sourdough bread starter. I had to start with 1 small tsp of commercial yeast that brewed on the counter for a week and I've made several lovely loaves with and one flat failure of a focaccia. There are starter recipes that call for no commercial yeast but since we have construction tarp all over our place, there is no airflow for airbourne goodies.... well not alot of it anyway. I've also re learned some tricks on breadmaking. I've been making it since I was an early teen. Something about the living dough that just turns me on! But lately I've been making my dough too stiff. I watched a pizza making show on TV the other day and the dough looked down right soupy before proofing but it turned out great.
Halibut papillote with israeli couscouse and fennel.

All good things yet to come. Please keep reading!

And of course, still loads and loads of good wine!

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